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Señor Colibri
Señor Colibri the Humming Bird Oaxacan Carvings

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Weight: 23.5 Ounces
Height: 19.5" H x 13" W x 10.5" L

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Product Code: 2013-13


Genuine Oaxacan Alebrije

Artisan: Florencio Fuentes
Hometown: San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico
Craftsmanship: Original Oaxacan Folk Art; Hand Carved from One Piece of Copal Tree Wood; Meticulously Hand Painted; Signed on Bottom by Artisan; Exclusive & Unique; Señor Colibri is the Only One in the World

Fun Backstory: Señor Colibri and the Answer to the Ultimate Question

Colibri surveyed the Inter Species Council before him, and had to admit that he was nervous. Even though many of them were small, as he was a hummingbird they all were bigger than him. And, this wasn't a casual meeting - - he had not been asked to attend, he had been ordered. Fortunately, he thought, the whole council wasn't there, but rather just a fact-finding committee. Taking a moment while he had it, he quickly scrutinized the group before him.

On one side sat all of the male birds at the Council. First was Loro, the parrot. He was chairing the committee and would be asking all of the questions. Next to him was Pajaro Carpintero, the woodpecker and next to him was Golondrina the barn swallow. They all were involved in what appeared to be meaningless chitchat, but Colibri knew that this meeting would not be meaningless.

Across from them were the ladies who were in attendance: Reyezuelo, the wren; Paloma, the pigeon and Donde the dove. If he was in trouble, he reasoned, he would be better off giving his attention to these three as they would tend to be more gentle, understanding, and, if the issue at stake here was extreme enough, would show the most mercy. Especially Donde. She was always nice to him, and always appeared to be so kind.

Colibri wondered what they all would think of him, and considered his own appearance. His body feathers were tan, with circles of various sizes. From his beak across the top his head and all the way down his back it is green with pinwheel-like markings with white centers, and his beak is a light, light tan with a red interior.

While not having exactly normal coloring, his body was not as unusual as his legs and feet. Leopard colored, his legs led to his black and yellow speckled feet, which had vicious-looking talons. His brown wings with burnt sienna designs supported him when he flew and hovered, and his light green tail feathers with their two-tone concentric circles helped to make Colibri a most handsome specimen of his species.

Loro cleared his throat, and all present knew that it was time to begin. Colibri shifted from one foot to another uneasily, and then, realizing that might be construed as a sign of weakness, he steadied himself and stood tall and straight. He was, he knew, now ready to face whatever was in store for him.

“Good morning, Colibri,” Loro began. “How are you this fine morning?”

“Well, sir,” he replied.

“And your family?”

“Also, well, thank you.”

“And how about Viejo Colibri, your father, how is doing these days?

“Fine,” Colibri replied, “though he doesn't gather nectar as much as he used to. Says he just isn't hungry.”

Everyone nodded with understanding, as they all had parents, too. The fear that had filled Colibri had been replaced with curiosity, as it was apparent that all present were in a jovial mood and not there for disciplinary action.

“You probably are wondering why we asked you here this morning,” Loro said.

Colibri nodded his affirmation, and waited with real excitement to find out why he had been called to the meeting.

“Well,” Loro stated flatly, “we have summoned you to answer a question that has been bothering the rest of us for a long, long time.”

“And what is that?” Colibri asked when Loro paused and didn’t continue.

“Colibri, why do you always hum?”

Colibri gave a huge sigh of relief, for this was a question that he absolutely knew the answer to.

“Why, Loro, the reason I always hum is,” he paused for affect and then continued, “ is because I don’t know the words!”