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2013-09   Bardo the Blue Owl
w-2013-01   Bird Vase
w-2013-03   Black Hummingbird Vase
w-2015-08   Blue Owl
w-2015-06   Buho
w-2013-13   Butterfly Pot
2013-07   Carrie the Confused Crane
w-2015-05   Colorful Blue Owl
w-2013-17   Colorful Chickadees
2013-12   Deprador the Raptor
w-2013-22   Dino the Dragon
w-2015-01   Eagle & Snake
2013-10   Eagle and Prey
w-2015-03   Eagle Face
2013-18   Eagle Head Feather Sculpture
2013-17   Edmundo the Armadillo
w-2015-04   Hummingbird and Orchids
w-2013-06   Hummingbird Pottery Vase
w-2013-02   Hummingbird Vase
w-2013-10   Hummingbird Wedding Vase
w-2015-07   Manos Creativas
w-2013-08   Mexican Ducks
2013-08   Narcisco the Toucan
w-2013-09   Oaxaca Hummers
w-2013-07   Oaxacan Birds
2013-04   Orlondo the Owl
w-2015-02   Owl Carving
w-2013-11   Parrot & Hummer Pot
w-2013-14   Parrot Pottery
w-2013-04   Parrot Vase
w-2013-05   Pink Phoenix
2013-14   Regal the Eagle
2013-13   Señor Colibri
w-2013-16   Steel Eagle Feather
2013-19   Steel Eagle Feathers
w-2013-12   Tomahawk Peace Pipe
2013-15   Violet the Vulture
W-2016-01   Wedding Vase

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