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Mexican Ducks
Mexican Ducks Genuine Oaxacan Alfombra
To better understand the uniqueness of ZAPOTEC RUGS you need to know a little bit about the Zapotec culture.

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Height: 30" x 60"

Product Code: W-2013-08


Genuine Oaxacan Alfombra

Artisan: Miguel Chavez
Hometown: San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico
Craftsmanship: Original Oaxacan Area Rug (aka Alfombra); Hand Woven on a Loom; Made of Wool; Original Design; Exclusive & Unique; Mexican Ducks is One of a Kind.

While the main goal of Wings on Things is to provide home décor for discriminating birders, a supplementary goal is to help the impoverished artisans in the Oaxaca, Mexico region while doing so by pursuing fair trade practices. This is especially so with the Zapotec Rugs we feature.

To better understand the uniqueness of Zapotec Rugs you need to know a little bit about the Zapotec culture. Thousands of years ago Mexican aborigines in the Oaxaca area were nothing more than nomadic tribes living on their hunting and gathering abilities. Around 500 BC, after settling down and becoming farmers, they leveled off a mountaintop with a panoramic view of the three valleys around it and the center of Zapotec empire, Monte Alban, was created.

Today, the Zapotecs, with a population of over 500,00, are one of the larger indigenous groups in all of Mexico. Living on a subsistent income, these people depend on farming and various crafts, including weaving to survive. We are proud that our home décor website includes Zapotec Rugs, including this beautiful example.

One of our larger examples of Zapotec Rugs at 60” X 30,” it can be used as a tapestry, a throw rug, or a unique draping on the back of a couch. Something that would especially appeal to Duck Dynasty fans, this rug is beige with five rows of ducks, each on their own individual pond. There are three rows of three ducks, and two rows of two ducks. Each duck is a different color, ranging from a “flesh-tone” colored duck to those that are dark green and dark blue! The ducks are separated by green water plants, and the over all affect should appeal to any and every discriminating birder!

We at Wings on Things sincerely believe that Zapotec Rugs are one of the better home decorating ideas for birders available. And, we know that you can’t purchase anything that will be appreciated more by the craftsmen who make it than items from the Oaxaca Region of Mexico!